Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fat Joe to Daddy Yankee, "Debate!"

In response to Fat Joe's allegations of selling out Daddy Yankee stands by his decision to endorse John McCain.

Daddy Yankee told the New York Post:

McCain is the kind of man whose promises you can actually believe in. I’ll support him till the end. I don’t care who I piss off. This is about my ideals, not about making friends. Senator McCain is the kind of man whose promises you can actually believe in.” Yo soy un amigo de McCain hasta la muerte.”

Fat Joe of course could not just let DY just explain his political choice without a fight. Joey Crack has now officially challenged El Cangri to a political debate (I would actually pay good money to see something like that go down). According to Joe,"If he debates me about politics he’ll never talk another word about a politician for the rest of his life."


DY isn't taking the bait though, in an interview with MTV News when asked about Fat Joe's challenge he said:

Look, I’m not a politician. I am a man with ideals, and I think that el Senador McCain is the best candidate. I asked el senador point-blank about whether or not he will seriously help Puerto Rico and our veterans here, and he said, ‘Yes. You endorse me, and I will do it.’ I believe he will back up his word.

Whether you agree with El Cangri or not, por lo meno he's a man of his word.

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Tonya said...

daddy yankee only did it because obama turned him down. but daddy yankee went to obama first. i'm with fat joe on this one. daddy yankee is just looking for excuses after the fact to excuse why he pulled this.

daddy yankee is a sell out.