Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kanye West Love Lockdown Video

Kanye West premiered his new video for "Love Lockdown" on Ellen (que hetero-queer!) and watching it pretty much made my head explode.

There was so much going on in this video Kanye is on some other shit. The video references American Psycho (the apartment is pretty much a replica of Patrick Batement's minus the Les Mis poster and you know blood), Coming to America (which is kind of old news since Busta did that in his Dangerous video), there are also some random ass spaceships or something ("Satillite of Love"?).

I'm confused, but obviously not as much as Ellen. Ellen looked like a baby deer in the forest after that clip. Craziness.


joss said...
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j a w z said...

Yea I'm glad you posted this because I've watched the video a number of times and can't really get over how loaded it is. I find the the Zamunda/African fantasy parts unsettling, esp. in how the few descriptions of the video that I've read have collapsed into the term "tribal." The massive "female" bodies covered with neon inscriptions seem somewhat queer (or just the ultimate Other of non-white women touching each other), but the video as a whole strikes me as a panorama of schizo cinematic fantasies: from sterile A P apartment to Zamunda-esque bodies who are also framed in white. Its at least interesting to unpack, although its unclear to me how to decode a lot of the imagery (satire? subconscious? cinema??) ...