Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Romantiqueo is going under

That's right I said it...Flex is wack and I'm sick of listening to nothing but Romantiqueo (which is, lets face it, saccharine, but barely even romantic).

Lets go back to the underground with Las Guanabanas.

This forreal sounds like some pre-2003 reggaeton. Its nasty and it knowns it. Its all perreo, fumando, tragos, discos, and bellaqueo.

Its damn near a breath of fresh air. Bien brutal!

Download it here.


raquelzrivera said...

I haven't yet heard the Guanábanas stuff for download... but instinctively I'm like: YESSSS!!! Down with Flex!

Over the course of the day, I've been trying to draft a short and sweet response to all the folks who have been gleefully going on and on about reggaeton's demise. (Exhibit A: the last anonymous comment to my most recent blogpost; Exhibit B: Willie Colón a few days ago saying in an interview with El Nuevo Día that reggaeton "has taken a nosedive").

Ok, so maybe now reggaeton is REALLY about to be dead soon—though folks have been saying it's dead for over a decade... since before it took on the name reggaeton.

But what really gets me thinking is... why are folks so happy? Is the same formula over a different beat any better? Is the music any better just because Flex is crooning over non-dembow beats? Is the music better because W&Y and Don Omar are using electro-pop beats? Is the music any better because the same artists are using different beats and calling it "urban music" instead of reggaeton?

N said...

"if it ain't rough it ain't right". I like some romantic reggaeton, I won't lie. But I love it when its raw, rough and nasty.