Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Punketon Dominicano

What up mi gente!? Long time no blog, but I'm back with this gem... Skeem ft. Lapiz Conciente: "Tirense Too!!"

This video is SO layered, really dope.

I'm always on the prowl for what I'm calling "Punketon," reggaeton videos and songs that integrate significant rock/punk aesthetics and sounds. So Naldo's new album and the video for "No Existen Detalles" and Musicologo's "Llamdo de Emergencia" definitely are good examples. This video falls into the Punketon category (although uneasily since both Skeem and Lapiz are rappers, but both dabble in Dominican reggaeton).

This video is so interesting to me because its layered with all these musical mezclas. This is a rock-rap/reggaeton-fusion performed by two Dominicanos who sing in English and Spanish and throw in Jamaican slang for good measure. Reggaeton's socio-sonic-circuitry indeed!

If this is the future trajectory of reggaeton, or musica urbana, or whatever bring it on!!!

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