Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Latin Female Artist Draws Criticism for Times Square Mural"

Check out Keysha Whitaker's  post about the controversy surrounding Sofia Moldanado's Times Square Mural over at Single Women Rule. Whitaker astutely asks,

"Is it possible that we suffer a secret shame induced by our short-skirt, fake-nail, breasts coming out with the belly fat hanging over, Doobie-rocking gals? By the hood chicks? The ghetto-style supergirls, proud to be themselves and will punch you in the eye if you suggest otherwise? I would say yes. And when that shame is magnified, by say 92 feet, our first reaction is to cry, “Take it down! I can’t stand to see.” Or maybe, “Take it down so the good white folks don’t see our shame.”

Check out the rest of Whitaker's awesome post here

*Mural by Sofia Maldonado . Photos by Alex Mateo, www.mateophoto.com


Nina said...

We all know the proper place to show our inner hoodrat is behind closed doors.

raquelzrivera said...

I just found out there was a protest yesterday against the mural. What?! Check the ireport for some more of the "these women are not representative" schpiel.


Marisol LeBron said...

I can't believe there was a protest! Have you spoke to Sofia by chance?