Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fat Joe Responds to LIza Rios

Fat Joe is an idiot.

While he says he doesn't think "a man should raise his hand to a woman," he clearly has a problem when a man does hit a woman and that woman speaks out.

Regardless of whether Liza Rios made some bad decisions financially or not, for Fat Joe to feel comfortable enough on the radio to say that Liza's choice to speak about the violence that Pun inflicted on her and her kids was a "disrespect" (because beating someone with the butt of a gun isn't a disrespect) AND that that is essentially why she deserves what has happened to them IS WRONG.

Fat Joe did nothing but prove how strong the code of silence around issues of domestic abuse is within hip hop. He says he never saw Pun hit her or the kids, but I would imagine that the bruises and cuts caused by the impact of a gun, a lead pipe, or the fists of a 600lb man hitting a woman's face and body would be visible for quite some time. But Fat Joe continues to deny that he knew about the abuse despite the fact that others in Pun's crew have admitted to witnessing the domestic abuse.

Fat Joe is trying to discredit Liza's claims by complaining about how she's "airing dirty laundry," hopefully people will see through his attempts to blame the victim.

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