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Guanabee's "10 Favorite Latinas On The Web"

Yours truly made the cut!  It's an honor to be in the company of such rad Latinas!  This list also introduced me to "Karla's Closet" -- a fashion blog that is like an awesome Latina version of "The Sartorialist."  I hope to one day be able to properly dress myself and look so effortlessly cool (of course  with more buttondown shirts and less skirts than Karla).   Anyway, thanks to Guanabee and thanks to all of you who check the blog regularlly!

Our 10 Favorite Latinas On The Web

29 October 2009, 10:04 AM. By Alex Alvarez

Pictured: Karla of 'Karla's Closet'
Pictured: Karla of 'Karla's Closet'

We thought we’d take a lil’ time to share with you some of our very favorite Latinas currently representing on the web: Some deal explicitly with Latino issues, some don’t. Some are funny, some are creative, some are activists, all are uniquely amazing, inspiring women who, we think, are some of the best at what they do.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of our 10 Favorite Latinas on the Web. Feel free to add your own favorites in the comments:

1. Mariela Rosario (
Mariela is’s editor, and focuses on such a wide range of issues (politics! travel! pop culture!), that we wonder how she’s able to do it all and do it well. Obviously, she’s a smartiepants. Or made of magic. What’s your secret, Mariela?

2. Gloria Shuri Nava (GlowPinkStah)
This Mexican-Filipina comedian makes the most hilarious YouTube videos, often presenting recognizable characters like your typical chola (Baby Smiley) and a rambling Filipina auntie, or makeup tutorials that will leave you looking so hot you can practically “smell” boys getting excited. When she’s finally hired by SNL, we can all look back and say we virtually knew her when.

3. Monica Herrera  (Billboard)
Not only is Monica one of the single nicest people on the internet, as’s Associate Editor, this woman kicks ass when it comes to sharing knowledge about music and the music industry.

4. Maegan “La Mala” Ortiz (VivirLatino)
As a VivirLatino contributer, poet Maegan writes about politics, identity and social issues with insight, passion and wit and without ever talking down to her audience. She takes that same brand of badassery over to her personal blog, Mamita Mala.

5. Karla Derass (Karla’s Closet)
Karla, a student and fashion blogger, is quite possibly the most stylish woman in all of L.A. - the way she finds and combines high and low, vintage and new is nothing short of inspired. And we wish we could rock a vintage blazer like she does.

6. Carrie (Bilingual in the Boonies)
A Cubana living in Tennessee, Carrie shares her thoughts on Latino media and culture while probably trying to hunt down the best medianoche the South has to offer.

7. Kathy Cano-Murillo (Crafty Chica)
Give Kathy some glitter, a bit of string and a pair of scissors and this woman would probably make you an outfit, a set of loteria tickets and a matching coin purse. Yeah, she’s that good.

8. Marisol Lebron (Post Pomo Nuyorican Homo)
PhD student Marisol, when she’s not coming up with excellent blog names, is busy writing about GLBT issues, pop culture and politics.

9. Noemi Martinez (Hermana, Resist)
Noemi’s blog started out as a zine - which automatically earns our respect - and now she uses it as a platform to share her beautifully-penned thoughts about culture and politics.

10. The crew at Vegans of Color (Vegans of Color)
Noemi also happens to be one of the bloggers behind Vegans of Color, where you can not only find recipes and dining option, but well thought-out discussions about the politics, social and identity issues surrounding veganism.

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