Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"No Maricón"

Lil Wayne get's bilingual on his new mixtape "No Ceilings" and breaks us of with this No Homo gem @ 2:10 into the track:
Versatile as fuck I switch it up, like Dennis Rodman don't
No homo you rock and roll, rest in peace my Styrofoam
Now they won’t know what I be on
Get the fuck off, my dick my cock my bone
Big money my pockets long, New Orleans I got my home
And they got my back, pause, no homo no maricón
The "No Ceilings" mixtape is packed with a lot of interesting performances of masculinity.  I need more time to think on it, but I'm sure after I listen to the mixtape some more on my bus ride down to DC this weekend I'll have more to share.  


Sol Park said...

Weird. I don't have this song on my download of noceilings...

Marisol LeBron said...


Yeah, I actually didn't have it on my download either, a friend of mine told me about it and then I had to look it up. Apparently Wayne released a new download version after the first one leaked with 5 more tracks on it, this is one of those tracks.