Friday, February 20, 2009

Footage from the occupation

As you can see, this was a much larger protest and moment of civil unrest than the media made it out to be. While they attempted to paint us as entitled whiny college kids in an attempt to detract from our important call for accountability, responsibility, and the rights to organizing and collective bargaining, their attempt to discredit could not stop the swell of people fed up with a system that ignores them and profiteers of off violence and injustice.

See for yourself the strength of the student movement...

There were instances of abuse on the part of both NYU Security and NYPD. SHAME!

The behavior of the administration is completely reprehensible. Please contact NYU and let your voices be heard.

This is only part of a larger struggle across the globe of students, we are not alone. This was not the first occupation and this sure won't be the last.

In Solidarity!

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