Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Back. A-rab Money Remix Video

You thought this A-rab Money nonsense was over, but you were wrong! Here comes what looks to be the cheapest remix video ever made. Is it just me or is it incredibly ironic to have a video talking about how you have enough money to purchase Saudi Arabia, but it looks like it was edited by a 15 year old on final cut pro in between history and geometry class?


For the most part the lyrics are similar except they took out the few Arabic/Arabic sound-a-like words that appeared in the original version of the remix. So no more Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem at the start of every verse. Also, the girl feeding Swizz Beats linguini is no longer calling him her habibi, rather he is now her genie (um?). Although changes were made to obviously make the song more sensitive to criticism, it's telling that the song still willfully mispronounces Arab using A-rab thoughtout.

If anything this whole Arab Money exercise at least shows us that certain rappers are willing to change up their lyrics in response to community concern and opposition.

Oh, yeah, and Lil Wayne topless in a video full of men wearing shiny bubble coats....

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