Friday, February 20, 2009

Puerto Rican Freedom Project Fundraiser: Saturday, Feb. 21st


On Saturday, Feb 21st 2009 at 6:30pm, at the 1199 MLK, JR Union Center in NYC: 310 West 43rd St., between 8th & 9th Ave, The Puerto Rican Freedom Project will be throwing their fourth fund raiser. All proceeds will go towards the creation of "The Freedom Album," a dual CD featuring Puerto Rican artists from the island and beyond, due out early this Spring 2009. The musical compilation is being created to raise funds for the Puerto Rican political prisoners and their families. The current Puerto Rican political prisoners are Oscar Lopez, Carlos Alberto Torres, Haydee Beltran and Avelino Gonzlez Claudio.

Suggested donation for the event: $10-$15

Performing live will be: Ilu Aye with their blend of Afro-Caribbean traditions from Puerto Rico,Cuba and the Dominican Republic; Bryan Vargas y Ya Esta with their unique interpretation of Afro-Latin-Soul using rhumba, mambo, and other old-school latin sounds; La Bruja, the multi-talented, Puerto Rican actress, singer, Hip Hop and Reggaeton artist has been a purveyor of Nuyroican culture for years; Maria Isa -- this Twin City Boricua emcee and singer will be displaying her songs of protests from the Mid-west; Pumpkinhead, the long-time Puerto Rican Hip Hop veteran from the famed Brooklyn Academy Crew will also be sharing his talents; Homeboy Sandman – one of the newest Hip Hop sensation in the NY scene. This Puerto Rican/Dominican emcee was recently written up in Source Magazine in their prestigious "Unsigned Hype" page; and topping off the night will be DJ Disco Wiz spinning, Hip Hop first Latino DJ of the famed Mighty Force Crew. So be sure to join us for a night of Hip Hop with traditional Afro-Caribbean rhythms and touch of Latin Jazz with a mix of Afro-beat.

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