Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Check out the Bully Bloggers

Bully Bloggers is a new blog started by Lisa Duggan, J. Jack Halberstam, Jose Munoz and Tavia Nyong’o. From their blog:
The Bully Bloggers are a queer word art group. We write about everything queer, so, pretty much everything. Politics, culture, etiquette, vampires, cartoons, the news, philosophy, utopia and revolution. This blog is our Bully Pulpit; we preach to the converted, the unconverted and the indifferent. We are very serious, but in a silly sort of way.
Their first post is a response to Mark Taylor's New York Times op-ed, The End of the University as We Know It, by Jack Halberstam entitled "The End of the University as Who Knew It?"

Brilliance is afoot I'm sure. Check it out.

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