Monday, May 4, 2009

Turn Ya Fag On Remix

Turn your FAG ON

Im fly as hell, fag on, suicide dippin
My hips is steady switchin
Haters steady bitchin
Im turnin it on, turnin it on, turn it on

Now wait a minute mother fucka! u got one more time to tell me turn my fag off! when ya im legendary and ya face is just scary, Im turnin it on, turnin it on, turnin it on, you better recognize im how you dewin!

if you in house hit a dip for me
down in the south they j-sette for me
dime bottoms give it to me

Heteros feelin my energy
the whole damn world clockin my tea
recognize Im How you dewin

Going out in it ,
Throw a gay swagga on it
Gotta body like my daddy
But I get this from my mamma
turnin it on (x3)

Now dont you hear me callin you Ms Hunny
Jimmy Choo clickin spend up ya money
back in the day my family said
watch out this ones kinda funny
Im turnin it on
Turnin it on
turnin it on

Let the Fag Wars begin!

(h/t) to my boy Elliott for showing me the video


jennifernash said...

great blog; looking forward to following. also, excited that you're a phd student (i'm just finishing up). i've bookmarked you.

Marisol LeBron said...

Hey Jennifer,

Good to hear from you. I really enjoyed your piece in the last Social Text. Please let me know when you have something new out, I'd love to check it out. I look forward to hopefully reading more from you very soon!


jennifernash said...

thanks, marisol. that's very kind of you. looking forward to following your blog- a friend of mine pointed it out to me (she's an avid reader) and i've happily read most of your older posts.