Monday, July 13, 2009

Reggaeton's Inclusion in Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Last week Merriam-Webster added "reggaeton" as an entry. Peep the definition:
\ˌre-gā-ˈtōn, ˌrā-\
American Spanish reggaetón, from reggae reggae + -ton (as in Spanish maratón marathon)

: popular music of Puerto Rican origin that combines rap with Caribbean rhythms

Raquel Rivera on reggaeton's inclusion in Merriam-Webster Dictionary:
The first thing that struck me about the news is that "reggaeton" made it into this English-language dictionary before it made it into the Diccionario de La Real Academia Española. Neither "reggaetón" nor "reguetón" has made it into the RAE dictionary yet. Hhhmmmm...
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Estilo Blanco of Solo Para Reggaeton on reggaeton's inclusion in Merriam-Webster Dictionary:
And you see that definition? It's wrong! While I would love to see a dictionary that defines everything in relation to Puerto Rico, this definition completely ignores Reggaeton hotspots like Panama, The Dominican Republic, and oh, I don't know, the freaking BRONX.
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