Friday, July 17, 2009

This Nonsense Again?: Controversy Over "Sexy Robotica"

Telemundo posted about Don Omar's new video for "Sexy Robotica" and asked: "¿Canción y video ofensivo?"

From the post:
La nueva canción de Don Omar "Sexy Robótica" está en el medio de la controversia tanto por su letra como por su video musical. En el video se ven dos chicas besándose usando lengua y en la letra de la canción Don hace referencia a drogas como extasis, cocaína entre otras. Muchos críticos dicen que la canción insita a los jovenes a la promiscuidad. Tu tienes la última palabra. Opina.

[Don Omar's new song "Sexy Robotica" is in the middle of a controversy over its lyrics and music video. In the video you see two women tongue kissing and in the lyrics Don refers to drugs such as Ecstasy and cocaine among others. Many critics say that this song incites youth to promiscuity. You have the last word. Opinions.]


Yes, I think I'm going to go have massive amounts of anonymous sex while coked up and I owe it all to Don Omar.


This line of thinking is really insulting. If what they're really mad about is the depiction of two women kissing and the other "sexy robotic" moments that take place in the video than they should admit it instead of fronting like they give a shit about the well being of "the youth". This is about policing what the overall population sees, not just "youth," but youthful innocence provides a sympathetic rallying cry for such censorship.

Anyway, check out the full comments at Telemundo ... they tend to fall on familiar terrain (Fuck reggaeton, it's evil vs. Fuck you, you don't understand), but its still worth checking out.

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