Sunday, August 3, 2008

Condom Machines to be Placed in California’s Solano State Prison

Solano State Prison is installing 10 condom machines that will be stocked with 1,200 condoms a week in the hopes that it will lower the spread of sexually transmitted infections among prisoners.

A union representing prison guard supervisors is opposed to the distribution of condoms because they say that the condoms can be used to hide drugs or weapons. The fear is mostly unfounded, however, since in the smaller test programs in Los Angeles and San Francisco county jails there have been no reports of condoms being used as weapons. Those opposed to the legislations also point out that the measure doesn’t make sense since sex between prisoners is technically illegal. "Sexual activity in prisons is still illegal," said Terry Thornton of the California Corrections Department. "Inmates will be notified of that as well where the machines are located."

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has twice vetoed legislation that would establish a statewide condom distribution, but last fall the governor ordered the Department of Corrections to conduct a one-year trial. After the one-year trial state officials will produce a report about success and/or failures of the program. It will then be up to the governor to decide whether to expand the program statewide.

Source: KCRA 3

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