Saturday, August 2, 2008

Steven Soderbergh & Benicio Del Toro's CHE

A Spanish trailer for Steven Soderbergh’s four and a half hour CHE bio-pic has just hit the internet. The trailer is in Spanish and super grainy, but it’s a great teaser. Soderbergh is having a hard time finding a Hollywood distributor for the film. Despite the difficulties findind a distributor Soderbergh is confident that by December audiences will be able to see Benicio Del Toro as CHE in the film’s first segment “El Argentino” and the second segment “Guerrilla” in February.

Do you all remember in this season’s Entourage how Billy Walsh and Vinnie Chase bombed with a four hour Pablo Escobar bio-pic at Cannes? Well, that story is basically what happened to Soderbergh and Del Toro at Cannes where CHE got a very mixed critical reception.

I hope this trailer causes some buzz and puts pressure on distributors to get this film out, at least in a limited run, by December. Also, Benicio makes a pretty convincing CHE, more than Omar Sharif in 1969’s Che! anyway.

Source: Ain't it Cool

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