Friday, January 23, 2009

Fox News & Malkin at it Again

Michelle Malkin is like the most absurd and questionable human being on the planet. Fox and Malkin are claiming that Jeezy & Jay's "My President" is racist, not only that but that even the slogan (and statement of the obvious) "my president is Black" is racist.

They're wildin'.

They're bemoaning the fact that we're obviously not a postracial society and that its people of color who are preventing "everyone" from moving "past" race. I for one don't live in a postracial society nor would I like to, and I also don't think that evoking MLK validates claims that we should want to be colorblind. Just because MLK wanted to be respected as a person and as a man didn't mean he didn't want to be respected as a Black man.

People need to get real so props to Jeezy, Jay, Nas, and everyother excited motherfucker out there letting everybody know that our president is Black.

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