Sunday, January 4, 2009

Soulja Boy on NaS & Hip Hop is Dead

Happy New Year Mi Gente!

I'm back with some food for thought from my favorite case study Soulja Boy. As long as Soulja Boy is making video's and running his mouth hip hop academics will be in business.

I've been working on a piece recently about the current crisis in hip hop in the aftermath of NaS' statement that "Hip Hip is Dead." In particurlar I'm interested in how regional and generational divides are encapsulated in that discourse. Soulja Boy touches on a lot of those themes in this video. Soulja Boy tends to say some stupid ass stuff like thanking the slave masters for allowing him to "get all this ice," but not for nothing he is definitely holding older hip hop heads accountable for the current state of hip hop.

Shout out to my boy Elliott for forwarding this clip along.

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DW said...

Hip Hop ain't dead, but Soulja Boy could kill it if he keeps saying stupid s@%t like this.