Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Idol Escándalo

Vulture reported that American Idol producer Ken Warwick told the New York Times that "There are places that we went to — you know, to Puerto Rico — and the majority of them weren’t very good at all." That is an interesting stance to take considering that a large number of Latino/a pop stars are Puerto Rican.

According to Idolator, Warwick dissed the island because the San Juan auditions were picketed over labor concerns and the show's "anti-worker practices."

Idolator's Maura Johnston says:
So, did the San Juan auditions really have fewer attendees than a Katharine McPhee concert? Is it a sign that more people don't think that winning Idol is all that? Is there a groundswell of union support in the commonwealth? Or do people just want to be famous on their own turf? One comment on the USA Today blog Idol Chatter noted that Puerto Rico has its own Idol equivalent, Objetiva Fama. Whatever the reason, I can't wait to see how the producers get "creative" with editing this this one.

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