Monday, January 5, 2009

Skillz 2008 Rap Up

Just in case you missed any of it...


Anonymous said...

Hey Marisol,

This comment isn't actually in response to this post, just kinda new to this whole blogging thing, so my bad.

Just wanted to let you know tho that I've been reading you're blog for a lil while now, and I think it's really really dope. It's the first blog I've found that isn't either really pretentious or mad annoying (i.e. people who post random musings about their everyday life). Consider this a *tip of the fitted* from another nuyorican homo in academia lol.

One more thing - I'm in PR right now and saw an INCREDIBLE documentary last night that I thought you and/or some of your other readers might be interested in. It's called "Seva Vive," and it's a film that blurs the line between fact and fiction surrounding a common myth in Puerto Rico that the U.S. invasion in 1898 was not through Guanica in June of that year, but in fact in May through a town known as Ceiba/Seva that no longer exists. Its based on a novel ("fiction") by Luis Lopez Nieves that was received by the Puerto Rican population at the time as truth ("fact") that tells an alternative account of that fateful invasion: that General Miles and his troops wiped out the entire town so that there would be no witnesses, that the town was literally erased from history. It offers a myriad of opinions on the so-called-truthfulness of this story, but overall I found that it granted far more agency to the population of Puerto Rico, unlike nearly every account I've read in formal Historical texts on the Spanish American war.

I'm currently working on a paper addressing the importance of narrative in the construction of national identities, in particular that of Puerto Rico, so I found it striking that a narrative of Puerto Ricans fighting back (that we are not docile, passive, gullible agents; that there was a resistance movement here, and not just in Cuba, Haiti, and so forth) is so invisible within history textbooks and in the consiousness of state-side puerto ricans.

Here's the link:


sergiusz said...

The whole collection of past rap ups 2002-2008 CDQ can be found at register and check the forums for download link, also Skillz - Ghostwriter has been added.. WITH NAMES.. enjoy